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The Daily Norseman's First Ever Weekday Open Thread Extravaganza!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, while it would be amazingly awesome to be all football, all the time, we know that we here at DN are a community. And as such, we have interests that actually stretch beyond the realm of football. So, this thread is an opportunity for you to talk with your fellow Daily Norseman members about whatever topics you'd like. . .music, television, video games, cars, whatever.

To borrow a line from famous talk show hostess Linda Richman, we drink cawfee, we tawk. . .you know, no big whoop. Also, like Linda Richman, I'll give you a tawpic. . .er, topic to get started with, but by no means do you have to stay there.

If you were a gamer growing up like me, and are in or near the same age group as I am. . .man, you dumped a lot of quarters into NBA Jam and NFL Blitz, and probably played the hell out of the home versions when they came out for your system of choice. Well, NBA Jam is already back in a new incarnation, and a few days ago the folks at EA announced that NFL Blitz was coming back as well. It will have almost all of the same things as the old-school version. . .30 yards for a first down, ridiculously violent hits, and players being ON FIRE! You'll even be able to play online, which should be pretty cool.

The one thing that's missing? No more late hits after the whistle. Apparently the NFL wouldn't allow it in a version of the game that has the shield on it. But, hey, with a $15 price tag (downloadable through the PlayStation Network or XBox Live, apparently), it would be hard to go wrong if you want some nostalgia.

So, with that, the thread is yours, folks! Have at it and talk about anything you'd like to talk about.