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Bernard Berrian Era Is OVAH!

Yes, Vikings fans, our long, national nightmare is over:

Bernard Berrian got a visit from The Turk a little while ago.

Although Berrian was a highly prized free agent, and had nearly 1,000 yards in his first season with the Vikings, his tenure ended, well, like this guy:


 Bernard Berrian* leaves Winter Park** after getting his release

*Might not be Bernard Berrian

**Probably not Winter Park, but that dumpster fire gives me pause that it is.

He came to the Vikings as a deep threat, and really only lived up to that billing once, which we'll get to in a minute, but with the signing of Brett Favre and an injury in training camp in 2009, his production slipped and he never really re-gained the form that made him a decent wide receiver in his prime.

The wheels came off in 2010 and especially this year, as the faith Leslie Frazier placed in him to regain his deep threat form never materialized.  He caught more flak over a Twitter war than he did passes, and with his deactivation twice in the last three weeks, it became apparent that the writing was on the wall for the man who calls him self B-Twice, which now means buh bye.

His time is done, and yeah, although we've come to bag on him here because of his general craptasticness, laziness, and notgiveacrappus, we will leave you with this fond moment from Sunday Night Football against the Bears, 2008:

 Say what you want about the man, this was awesome.

Oh, and Chris Cook, our erstwhile CB who spent the weekend in jail, was charged with domestic felonious assault after he allegedly beat his girlfriend bloody in a jealous rage over the weekend.