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Chris Cook Charged With Felony For Weekend Incident

Ted touched on it briefly in the previous post, but Minnesota Vikings' cornerback Chris Cook was charged with felony assault as a result of the incident that put him in jail over the weekend.

Cook's girlfriend, from the accounts given, took a phone call from an ex-boyfriend. He apparently didn't think too kindly to this, because. . .well, read for yourself.

Shortly after 1:40 a.m. Saturday, police were called to Cook's home concerning a domestic assault complaint.

Police found a woman sitting on the living room floor, crying and holding the right side of her head. Her nose was bleeding.

She told officers that Cook, her boyfriend of 10 months, had assaulted and tried to strangle her because she had spoken to a former boyfriend.

She said that Cook grabbed her, swung her onto a bed and choked her.

She said she grabbed Cook's long hair to free herself.

When she stood up, Cook struck her on the side of the head. The blow sent her into a wall.

She fled to the living room, where Cook again tried to "inhibit [her] breathing by squeezing her neck with his hand," the complaint read.

Officers noted marks on the woman's neck along with hemorrhaging in one eye that police said is consistent with strangulation. Her injuries required medical attention. Authorities have not disclosed her identity.

Wow. Just. . .wow. Sounds like he went the full Ike Turner on this one.

A couple of hours after he was released, Cook put the following on the Twitter:

There's always two sides to a story!!
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See, here's the thing about that statement.

Speaking as someone who has seen every episode of Forensic Files (some of them several times) and owns several single-season box sets of the original Law & Order series (accept no substitutes and/or spin-offs). . .not to mention the entire six-episode run of the original Police Squad television series (not that that's any help here). . .I'm having a hell of a time formulating a scenario where the findings described above would even be remotely feasible, to say nothing of excusable.

If there's "another side to this story," then Chris Cook (or somebody that represents him) had damn well better start talking. In my opinion, unless we hear anything different, the only "story" Chris Cook should be worried about is the story in the local media outlets talking about his release from the Minnesota Vikings. And before you throw me under the bus for trying to "railroad" the guy, I'm a big fan of the whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing, believe me. But, in all honesty, what acceptable answer could there possibly be for what we've heard concerning this incident?