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Who Gets This Week's Game Ball For The Minnesota Vikings?

Yes, another loss for the Vikings, but there were still some performances worthy of a Game Ball, and in determining who will get this week's nod, there will actually be a poll involved. Here are the candidates that I've come up with.

DE Jared Allen - Ho hum, another game, another pair of sacks for the National Football League's best pass rusher. In addition to that, he also had three other quarterback hits and three tackles for a loss. The next one of his detractors that spent this past off-season talking about how washed up he was that actually admits it will be the first.

WR Michael Jenkins - As I mentioned in the comments in the Game Thread, Matt Ryan's first NFL pass was a 60-yard touchdown pass to Michael Jenkins. Christian Ponder's first NFL pass should have been a 73-yard touchdown pass to Michael Jenkins. As it was, Jenkins wound up with 111 receiving yards on the game, the first 100-yard game of his career, and the first one posted by a Viking in. . .well, a really long time, I bet.

RB Adrian Peterson - Ho hum, another game, another 175 yards and over seven yards a carry for the National Football League's best running back. Honestly, are people still making arguments for running backs that are better than this guy? Do those people even watch football?

QB Christian Ponder - I'm going to have some more stuff on Ponder's performance tomorrow. Even though the numbers weren't eye-popping by normal standards or anything, for a guy making his first start in the situation that he was in, he played an impressive football game on Sunday.

Those are the picks, ladies and gentlemen. Have at it!