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Ponder Already Has Chemistry With Camarillo


Ahem, sorry about that. Just an interesting tidbit I picked up whilst skimming the Viking news tonight after a hectic day of work. It was pointed out that Greg Camarillo, who was typically a ghost on the team until recently, had a fairly great day with Ponder last Sunday. OK, great might be an overstatement, but compared to previously, I still think ‘tis fitting.

Personally, I had gotten so used to forgetting about Camarillo even being a Viking that I mistook him on his two significant catches (for first downs) for Kyle Rudolph. (Got my jersey numbers mixed up. Whoops! Thankfully, I was there with fellow Floridian Viking fans that my dumbness was pointed out. Yes I just mentioned it again. COME TO THE NEXT ONE.)

The article I was reading mentioned how Cammy was the only vet to attend Ponder's optional workouts over the offseason. Now, as much as everyone has made of "oh the Packers didn't do that and they're doing good", they also had pretty much the exact same team as last year taking the field, so there was considerably less need. New QB, new offensive coordinator and playbook... yes, Viking vets, hang your heads in shame. Bernard Berrian apparently thought it would be fine to miss out... and, well, we all know how that ended. But Camarillo showed up, and it indeed did seem to show on the field last week. Cammy also had also spent a good amount of time on the scout team with Ponder due to the Viking's mystifying decision to start Berrian over anyone else listed at ‘WR'.

Said Cammy:

"Hopefully we built some trust during that time and I know he's a great quarterback and he showed it in scout team and hopefully he can continue to show that on the field."

Pretty good stuff IMO. Ponder has a WR who he has already developed a chemistry with and trust in, and while he's not going to break any WR records any time soon, he is a seasoned vet who is likely to offer some good advice- not only to Ponder, but probably to the rest of the receiver corps in terms of how to work best with the rook.

So far, as it turns out, perhaps the trade with Miami for Benny Sapp was a good idea. FYI, Benny Sapp's still available. I'm juuuuust saying.