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Who "Manned Up" For The Vikings Last Week?

My apologies, ladies and gentlemen. . .these posts are usually supposed to happen on Thursdays, but with Mrs. Gonzo's procedure taking place yesterday and all, I kind of forgot to do it.

Since we gave Christian Ponder the game ball of the week for the last game, he obviously manned up, so let's see if we can't give this little honor to somebody else. As far as I can tell, there are two choices for this one, and we've seen their names a lot this season.

DE Jared Allen - Basically the only member of the defense to show up last week, Allen had two more quarterback sacks, three more quarterback hits, and three other tackles for loss. He's now up to 11.5 sacks for the year, and has been credited with 18 other quarterback pressures and hits on the season through the first seven games. With his 29.5 sacks, pressures, and hits, he's showing once again why he's probably the best pass rusher in the NFL and that reports of his death were greatly exaggerated.

RB Adrian Peterson - Lining up behind a guy making his first NFL start, the NFL's best running back put up the most yards he had run for in a game since the season opener against the Cleveland Browns in 2009. He picked up 174 yards on 25 carries, and had three runs that went for at least 25 yards. Does it matter if Christian Ponder benefited from Adrian Peterson or Adrian Peterson benefited from Christian Ponder? No, it doesn't. . .as long as they keep benefiting from each other, brighter days are ahead for this offense.

If anyone else can come up with another candidate, there's always the "Other" option in the comments section.