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Welcome To Vikings Nation, Brinley Noel Allen

My guess is that, upon reading the headline, your first question was "Who the heck is Brinley Noel Allen?" I'm not surprised that you've never heard of her. . .she wasn't even around until a couple of days ao.

Brinley is the brand new baby daughter of Vikings' defensive end Jared Allen, who was born a couple of days ago to Jared and his wife Amy. As a result, Allen has not been on the practice field the past couple of days, but has been checking in for team meetings, by all accounts.

(Jared, I mean. . .although a two-day old checking in for team meetings at Winter Park would be really, really impressive.)

Jared Allen is putting together what might be the best season of his career in 2011, but it appears as though he'll remember this season for something far more important for a very long time.

Congratulations to the Allen family on their new arrival.