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Where I Kind Of Defend Bernard Berrian Then Unmercifully Rip Him...EDIT, Berrian Calls And Apologizes

UPDATE #1: During his weekly press conference, Vikings coach Leslie Frazier informed the media that WR Bernard Berrian called Rep. John Kriesel to apologize over the Twitter flap that erupted...which is discussed below. Thanks, Bernard, for doing the right thing here.--Ted

Oh, the Twitter, she be a barrel full o' entertainment these days.

Hey, you guys remember Bernard Berrian, right? Yeah, me neither. He's the alleged 'deep threat' of the Minnesota VIkings who hasn't caught a pass over 20 yards yet this season, and has hauled in exactly two more passes than either you or me all year?. Yeah, that guy! You know, normally that would be more than enough to rip on a guy, but Bernard Berrian has given us even more ammunition to dislike him.

Yes, yes it IS hard to believe, isn't it?

Well, it's all thanks to Twitter. Apparently, Berrian started ripping on a Tweet from an account by @johnkriesel.

After the Chiefs game, @johnkriesel tweeted to his followers:

If you want to follow a hilarious twitter account, try @ (Bernard Berrian) who says that he's open a lot and should get the ball more

Now, for those of you who aren't familiar with the Twitters, if you put another person's account in your tweet, it can be seen by that person. And after seeing some of the stuff that's been said and written about the man who calls himself B_Twice, which I can only assume stands for Bobble Bobble, Berrian saw it and responded with back to back tweets:

@ anytime u wanna watch the film with me. Not just one game but all of them

@ and if not sit down n shut up!!

Hey, I am of the opinon that if you want to rip a guy, be man enough to say it to his face...or at least send it to his Twitter account. And be prepared for the backlash. I really don't have any problem with Berrian defending himself on this, because there's really no way for him to know the status of John Kriesel.

Only there's one problem.

John Kriesel is an NCO in the Minnesota National Guard who lost both legs in Iraq, and was awarded a Purple Heart and Bronze Star. He's also a Minnesota state representative who is an ardent stadium supporter (he's actually a co-sponsor of the Stadium bill in the House). In short, he's a slacker. Not. Berrian was informed of that by another Tweeter after his two original statements, and it was suggested that maybe...maybe his comment was a little less than classy.

Here's where Bernard Berrian becomes an ass. He would have been smart to say something like, 'oops, my bad, didn't know what happened. I guess sit down and shut up was wildly inapprpriate in retrospect. Sorry, but you're still wrong and here's why' (which would have been perfectly acceptable).

Noooooo, that's not what Bernard Berrian says. Instead, he swims into the dumbass end of the pool. And not dip your toe in to check and see how cold it is. Nope, not Bobble Bobble. Jumped in head first, doing a belly flop on the way in:

shouldn't have opened his mouth. Especially bout something he knows nothing about. How classy is that of him??

and for future reference both my parents and my older bro served in the military.

Hey, because I have family that served in the military, it's okay for me to double down on stupid and rip a double amputee war hero!

But wait, there's MORE! When informed that maybe he should be a tad more repectful to a guy that's trying to get a stadium for him, and already knowing Kriesel is a double amputee, Berrian goes deep...for the first time this year...only instead of the end zone, it's into the Stupid Zone:

it's earned not given. So NO.

Mr. Berrian, SSgt Kriesel HAS, in fact, earned your respect, you're just too ignorant to know it.

He's earned everyone's respect.