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Minnesota Vikings At Carolina Panthers - Fourth Quarter Open Thread

The Minnesota Vikings and Carolina Panthers have exchanged touchdowns in all three quarters today, and we go to the final quarter of action tied at 21.

The Panthers scored on their first possession of the third quarter, as Cam Newton found Steve Smith for his third touchdown pass of the day to make the score 21-14 in favor of the Panthers. However, the Vikings responded towards the end of the quarter with an outstanding 12-play, 90 yard drive that was capped by a 9-yard touchdown run by Adrian Peterson to tie the score at 21.

Peterson hasn't gotten a lot going on the ground today, having gained just 48 yards on 12 carries to go with his touchdown. The big news for Peterson is his pass catching, as he leads the Vikings in receiving with four receptions for 73 yards, including a 20-yard reception for a score in the second quarter.

Steve Smith continues to kill the Minnesota Vikings, as he currently has six catches for 95 yards and a score. Today's three touchdown performance by Newton is the first of his NFL career, but I have a feeling that there are going to be a lot more of those.

As we go to the fourth quarter of play, the Panthers are getting ready to punt the ball to the Vikings, and we are tied at 21.