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Vikings In Middle Of Pack Of "Smart Spending" NFL Teams

Yeah, it's a bit of a slow news day thus far today. . .that and between running our wing's monthly 5K this morning and Mrs. Gonzo's recovery not going as swimmingly as we might have hoped, I am dragging arse over here. My apologies for the slowness around here, especially after the relatively fun win that we had yesterday.

This article came out a few days ago, but I thought it was kind of interesting. The people at Bloomberg's Business Week put together an article about the "smartest spenders in sports," where they took payroll data that is publicly available and figured out how much each victory "cost" a particular team.

According to the folks at Bloomberg, the Minnesota Vikings are right in the middle of the pack of NFL teams in terms of "smart spending," with each win costing them approximately $14.13 million. By comparison, the smartest spending team in the NFL, as you might expect, is the New England Patriots, who have spent "only" $8.6 million per victory over the past five seasons. The worst in the NFL? Again, as you might expect, it's the Detroit Lions, who have been paying more than twice as much as the Vikings, $29.24 million, per victory over the past five seasons.

Nothing earth-shattering or anything like that here. . .just thought it was something interesting to pass along.