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Antoine Winfield Out For Sunday

Well, THIS will help us avoid 0-5.

Antoine Winfield suffered a neck injury in last Sunday's game against Kansas City while making a tackle on running back Dexter McCluster, and after missing practice today and undergoing an MRI, the decision has been made to hold him out for the upcoming game against the Cardinals.

While the exact nature of the injury remains undisclosed, neck injuries are a potentially big problem (see- Manning, Peyton), and sitting him is the safe (and right) call. Not to mention, the Cardinals are one of the weaker opponents on our schedule, so hopefully the impact will be minimal.

Winfield will most likely be replaced by Chris Cook, who's been having a decent sophomore campaign. The biggest annoyance in my book is that Cook's replacement will likely be Asher Allen (oh Vikings, why didn't you just resign Benny Sapp...).

Hopefully Winfield will have a quick recovery, and we'll be seeing his reliable awesomeness on the field come the following Sunday night game against Chicago.