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Percy Harvin Receives Our Latest Game Ball Of The Week

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You know, I'll eventually get some form of consistency going on these things. Unfortunately, with the week of training I've been going through this week, one might be able to accuse me of slacking off a little bit when it comes to updating things. Rest assured, however, that won't be the case for much longer, as things should finally start slowing down here before too much longer. So, next week, there will be a poll for this once again. This week, however, I'm just going to go ahead and name a recipient.

The 2011 Minnesota Vikings. . .well, they don't have a lot of what you would call "consistent threats" on offense. True, they do have the best running back in football on their team, but things tend to be a little hit-or-miss after that.

With one exception.

Behind Adrian Peterson, the next biggest threat on the offensive side of the ball for the Vikings is Percy Harvin, whose versatility and explosiveness make him a threat on every play. He had a pretty solid game for himself against Kansas City on Sunday, catching five passes for 42 yards and throwing in four carries for 67 yards. It seems that the Chiefs didn't do a whole lot of scouting on the "end around to Percy Harvin" play, as Harvin's four carries went for 8, 13, 23, and 23 yards, the last of which put the Vikings in position for Donovan McNabb to start air mailing receivers on the game's final drive.

So, in a game without many bright spots, Percy Harvin provided some light and some hope for Vikings fans, and that's good enough to get him this week's Game Ball of the Week, sponsored by Samsung.