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So, Yeah, Chris Kluwe Might Not Play This Weekend, Huh?

Hadn't heard anything about this interesting little tidbit until this afternoon.

Kluwe is dealing with a tweaked hamstring, an injury he suffered in the first quarter of Sunday's loss at Kansas City. Kluwe said the tweak occurred on his first punt of the afternoon. And while he remained in the game, averaging 54 yards on his final three punts, Kluwe felt sore enough to miss practice on Wednesday and again on Thursday.

The Vikings brought in former Lions' punter Nick Harris for a workout in the event that the man known as Warcraft can't go on Sunday.

Personally, I'd be really surprised if Kluwe was unable to go because of a hamstring injury. After all, he's the guy that played in a couple of games with a torn ACL at the end of one season (which season it was escapes me, and Google is bringing zero help), so I'm guessing he'll be good to go.

We'll have the full injury reports up either sometime later this evening or tomorrow morning.