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Who Could Be A "Sleeper" For Your Fantasy Football Team This Weekend?

We're four weeks into the fantasy football season as well, ladies and gentlemen, and unless your team is like mine. . .sitting at 0-4 and wondering what the heck is going on. . .you're looking for an edge wherever you can find one. Here's a chance for you to dig through the waiver wire and find a potential sleeper for your team for this week's action.

I'm going to stay at home for this one and recommend someone that could, potentially, be able to help you at the tight end position, that being Kyle Rudolph. Rudolph is starting to see more targets in the Minnesota offense, having snagged three passes in each of Minnesota's last two games, and he's averaging 14 yards a catch on the season thus far. As he gets worked into the offense more and more, I would expect those numbers to increase.

According to the folks at Yahoo!, Rudolph is only owned in about 2% of all of their fantasy football leagues, so he's out there if you want to try to snag him. In fantasy football, having a decent option at the tight end spot can give you a huge advantage over your opponent, and Rudolph has the physical ability to be a big threat in this offense, particularly in the red zone, where his size (6'6", 260 pounds) gives him a significant advantage.

So, if you're looking for a sleeper for fantasy football for this week, you don't have to look much further than our own back yard. See if you can grab Kyle Rudolph off of the waiver wire and, if you don't slot him into the starting lineup straight away, at least hide him away for future use.