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Where We Try To Begin The March To 12-4

Arizona Cardinals (1-3) GAME 5 Minnesota Vikings (0-4)




Date: 9 Oct 2011
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Time: 12:00 PM Central
Stadium: Mall of America Field at the HHH Metrodome
DirecTV Ch. 710
Know Thy Enemy: Revenge Of The Birds
Ted's Prediction: Cardinals 24, Vikings 20
Final Score: Vikings 34, Cardinals 10

Hi boys and girls...I'm doing the original game thread today for our Fearless Leader, who should be along in a little while.  I am not encouraged by our Beloved Purple this season, hence my dire prediction for today.  They've played three phenomenal halves of football, and five terrible ones, with some serious regression last week in Kansas City.  What do the Vikes need to do to get in the win column?

1)  Stop Larry Fitzgerald, Jr.  I fully expect the VIkings to do a good job containing RB Beanie Wells, which means that this game will rise and fall on the arm of Kevin Kolb.  If Kolb gets time, Larry Fitz will get open, regardless of how the Vikings are covering him, and he will do a lot of damage.  Pressure Kolb, limit Larry, and the Good Guys will be in business.

2)  Let's work on eliminating dumb penalties.  If I had to venture a guess, Minnesota has shot themselves in the foot more than any other team in the NFL, with STUPID penalties at the most inopportune times that completely change the complexion of the game.  I think you can legitimately point to a key moment in every game so far where a penalty caused the Vikings to either punt the ball instead of getting a first down, or keeping the opponent's offense on the field instead of forcing a punt.

3)  Don't let the offensive passing game become...offensive.  The passing attack has been has yet to hit on all cylinders this season,  and they have an opportunity to do some damage against an average Cardinals secondary.  Bill Musgrave has shown that he can call a balanced game in spurts.  Do that for 60 minutes today, and the Vikes come out on top.

Enjoy the game, everyone, and SKOL!