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Arizona Cardinals At Minnesota Vikings - Second Quarter Open Thread

Well, that certainly was fun, wasn't it?

Adrian Peterson already has three touchdowns on his nine carries for 59 yards. The Vikings' defense has forced two turnovers already (one interception by Asher Allen on a deflection by Everson Griffen, and one fumble recovery by Jared Allen after Brian Robison stripped Kevin Kolb). For the first time in Minnesota Vikings' history, the team has scored 28 points in the first quarter of play, and they have already eclipsed their point total for every game they've played this year.

And we still have three quarters left.

This might be a lead that even the Minnesota Vikings can't blow. . .but then, as a Viking fan, I should know better than to say that sort of thing.

The Vikings lead 28-0 after fifteen minutes of football, and the Cardinals are getting ready to punt this one back to the Vikings. Join us for the fun right here, won't you?