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Arizona Cardinals At Minnesota Vikings - Third Quarter Open Thread

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Minnesota, where a 25-point halftime lead absolutely, positively scares the crap out of us, and with good reason.

The Vikings have blown halftime leads of 10, 17, and 20 points this season. After putting up a huge 28-point first quarter for just the second time in team history (not the first time ever, as I had reported earlier), the Minnesota offense wasn't on the field much in the second quarter, and the lead is now 28-3 in favor of Minnesota.

The Vikings have only had possession of the ball for 11 of the first 30 minutes of this game, but thanks to two forced turnovers, they haven't had to move very far to put four rushing touchdowns on the board. Three of those rushing touchdowns were courtesy of Adrian Peterson, coming from 4, 24, and 14 yards out, and those were sandwiched around a 4-yard run by Donovan McNabb on Minnesota's third possession.

The Vikings' turnovers have come via an interception by Asher Allen (off of a deflection by Everson Griffen) and Brian Robison and Jared Allen teaming up on a strip/sack/fumble recovery against Kevin Kolb. . .Robison forced the fumble, and Allen fell on it for the recovery. Allen also has a sack in this one, marking the seventh consecutive game that he has collected at least one sack.

The Vikings and Cardinals are at halftime at the Metrodome, and Minnesota is ahead 28-3. Can they hold on to a halftime lead for the first time in four attempts this season?

Dear lord, I hope so. . .things could get awfully, awfully ugly across Viking country if it turns out that they can't.