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Christian Ponder Wins His Second Consecutive Game Ball Of The Week

It would appear the good readers of the Daily Norseman have acquired themselves a severe case of. . .




(Is that a Ponder pun that nobody has trademarked yet? Because if it is, by God, I'm gonna put my stamp right on that one.)

But yes, for the second consecutive week, Christian Ponder has been voted the recipient of the Samsung Game Ball of the Week by you fine ladies and gentlemen out there. He managed to come away with 367 of the 786 votes cast (46.7%), which was nearly more than the second and third-place finishers combined. Given his performance in the Vikings' victory over the Carolina Panthers, it's hard to argue that he doesn't deserve the accolades.

Jared Allen managed runner-up status in this week's vote by getting 200 votes (25.4%), and Adrian Peterson came in third place with 178 votes (22.6%). Husain Abdullah wound up a pretty distant fourth with 33 votes (4.2%), while the "other" category managed to get eight votes (1.0%).

So, congratulations to Christian Ponder on getting his second consecutive Game Ball of the Week. I like having a quarterback that's even in the running for this every game, let alone actually receives one.