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It's Monday Night Football Time!


MINNESOTA VIKINGS (2-6) GAME #9 Green Bay Packers (8-0)




Date: 14 November 2011
Location: Green Bay, WI
Time: 7:30 PM Central Stadium: Lambeau Field
TV: ESPN Know Thy Enemy: Acme Packing Company
Ted's Prediction: Packers 31, Vikings 24
Final Score: Packers 45, Vikings 7


Hi gang.  Abbreviated game thread post tonight--got a lot of unanticipated stuff to do before the game begins.  The keys for me:

1)  Somehow, someway, slow down and disrupt Aaron Rodgers, and don't let him get in to a rhythm.  No one has been able to do it yet this year, and Jared Allen can't do it alone.  Kevin WIlliams and Brian Robison need to bring their A game tonight.

2)  One way to keep him out of sync would be to keep him off the field, so some nice, sustained scoring drives by the offense would be nice.  Don't settle for field goals, either.  When they get in to the red zone, they need to score touchdowns.

3)  Let the game come to Christian Ponder.  Monday Night, arch rival--don't be a hero, rookie.  Play within yourself, control your emotions, ride out the early wave, and don't let Charles Woodson fool you again.

This is going to be a game that's a lot closer than people think, but Green Bay is at home, and the Vikes are starting a rookie in a hostile road environment.  Green Bay by a touchdown.

But by putting the prediction jinx on, we'll win, right?  RIGHT?