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Vikings/Packers Second Quarter Thread

Let's just say that this game didn't get off to the best start for the Vikings.

After an obvious defensive holding call wasn't flagged by the refs to force a three and out, Randall Cobb returned the Chris Kluwe punt for 79 yards and a touchdown.

When Aaron Rodgers did finally get on the field, he marched straight down the field and scored on a 24-yard strike to Greg Jennings.

When the Vikings finally began to put together a drive, the referees again got involved by calling a (justifiable) offensive pass interference call on Percy Harvin and originally giving an interception that obviously hit the ground to Charles Woodson. The call was overturned, but a false start penalty on the following field goal forced Ryan Longwell to attempt a 52 yarder into the wind, which came up just short the second time around.

The score is 14-0 Green Bay as we head into the second quarter. If you're still with us, follow along in the comment thread below.

And if you're from Acme Packing Company, you're probably going to get banned if you say one peep on this thread.