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Where We Commit Digital Seppuku

Put away the sharp objects, drain the bathtub, and unload your weapon.  Vent here, but not at each other.  And oh, do we have a lot to vent about.  Vent about the inability of anyone but Jared Allen, Adrian Peterson, or at times Percy Harvin to make a play. 

Vent about the horrid special teams. 

Vent about the total lack of preparation by the coaching staff, with two weeks to prepare against our biggest rival.

Vent about the fact that the Packers were able to bring in their back up QB for mop up duty, and he looked better than Aaron Rodgers.

Vent about the fact that we have had our asses handed to us by our two biggest rivals in three of the last four times we have played them, and haven't beaten a division opponent in what feels like 11 years.

Just vent.  Get it off your chest.  Vent about this tweet from Tom Pelissero:

Christian Ponder just left with trainer. X-ray room is downstairs here. Oh boy.
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Vent about keeping the quarterback of the future in during an ass kicking.

And then we shall speak of this no more.

And a word of warning to any trollers, Packer fans or otherwise:  I'll fucking ban you in a second.  Pretty please, try something, I dare you.

Hey, Kyle Rudolph had a nice catch.