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Visanthe Shiancoe Says Adrian Peterson Had Glass In His Food

You know, had I been around earlier on in the day, I probably would have said something about this sooner. But I wasn't, so here it goes now instead.

Whenever the Minnesota Vikings play the team they played on Monday night, they eat at Lombardi's Steakhouse at the Radisson Hotel in Appleton. Well, it turns out that, according to what Visanthe Shiancoe said on his Facebook page, Vikings' running back Adrian Peterson got a little more with his meal than he was originally expecting.

The quote from Shiancoe, verbatim, is as follows:

Every year that we play in GB we eat at Lombardi's steakhouse as a team.. Ironically out of all people, Adrian has a huge piece of glass in his meal.

Let that sink in for a moment.

A piece. . .of. . .glass. Not grass. Not gas. And I don't think he ordered sea bass.

A piece. . .of. . .glass.

Now, this is a relatively serious allegation, one that would probably lead to some pretty serious charges if it was proven to be untrue. With that being the case, I have a hell of a time believing that Visanthe Shiancoe would make something like that up, given the potential circumstances. If this didn't happen and Shiancoe says it did, then he should be in some serious trouble.

If it did happen, however, then somebody probably needs to be arrested and charged with something.

Nothing further has come from the incident at this time.