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Go To Mall Of America, Meet Chris Kluwe, Get Free Tickets

EDIT: According to a tweet that just came across, it's 200 pairs of tickets, not just 200 tickets. That's, like. . .I don't know, twice as many tickets. The official Vikings Football Twitter account will be giving Klues to his location (see what I did there?) throughout the afternoon. So there you go. . .enjoy! - Chris

Sounds like a decent plan for a Wednesday afternoon to me.

I will be at @MallofAmerica tomorrow at 5pm to give away tickets to the Raiders game. Watch me outkick my ticket coverage! #effyoustartrib
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Yep, Vikings' punter Chris Kluwe will be at the Mall of America with 200 free tickets for fans at 5 PM Central time tomorrow. No word on if there are limits (I would assume one per person. . .don't think they'd let you take a bunch of them or anything), but he's only going to have 200 of them, so if you want them, you'd better be there at five.

If you take advantage of this, let us know how it goes!