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Well, This Is A Nice Kick In The Junk


Yes, boys and girls, the political class in Minnesota, while saying they want to find a solution for the Vikings, have apparently settled on the one solution where they permanently piss off the Vikings and help them load the moving trucks.

It seems that the chances of the special session to vote on a new stadium seems to be growing dimmer by the day.

Governor Dayton said it's 'doubtful' there will be one based on the lack of progress in getting a stadium bill finalized.


This comes on the heels of some good stadium news that Eric brought you earlier that the sale of the Arden Hills land was approved, so of course the minute we had some momentum in the right direction, it was killed almost immediately by the St. Paul politicians.

I don't know what the final resolution will be on this, but I do know one thing: allowing the Vikings to essentially become a free agent is a dumb, dumb move, and once the team is on the open market, keeping them in Minnesota could be a tricky proposition.

This week can't end soon enough, and it's only Tuesday.