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Public Hearings On Vikings Stadium To Be Held On November 29 and December 6

Good news and bad news on the stadium front, folks.

The bad news is that, as Ted mentioned last night, we're not getting a special session for the new stadium.

The good news is that it was announced today that two public hearings on the new stadium will be held prior to the start of the scheduled legislative session on January 24.

The public hearings are going to be held on November 29 and December 6. The hearings were announced by Senator Julianne Ortman, the head of the Senate Taxes Committee.

"We are holding these hearings to invite the public and interested parties to come and testify and offer their views. It is an issue that people are very passionate about," Ortman said.

"Based on information provided to these committees, we will determine if there is a consensus for further action," she added in a statement.

Details related to the hearings, according to Ortman, would be released at a later time.

When information on the hearings is released, we will pass them along to you here.

Anyone planning on attending?