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Your Open Thread For Thursday

I'm still smarting from the Monday Night beatdown, and I'll need a few more hours to talk myself into believing that we have a chance to beat Oakland on Sunday.  So until I can write something that's utterly realistic and believeable about that, I present to you a cornucopia of open thread topics:

Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen are leading vote getters by the fans for the Pro Bowl.  Steve Hutchinson is third, Percy Harvin is fifth.  That might help explain why the Vikings are at 2-7 this year, no?  Was it just two years ago that half the team was named All-Pro?  Sigh...

Former Packer Johnny Jolly was sentenced to 6 years in prison for violating his parole.  I have little sympathy for someone when they have it all at their fingetips and piss it down their leg, but Michael Vick only got two years for torturing and killing dogs.  Was Jolly's sentence too harsh?  Discuss.

Ramsey County officials briefed the Governor on the Arden Hills stadium site.  Why do I get the feeling that Dayton might have mistaken these guys as door to door salesmen?

Reusse is in his element by declaring that football in Minnesota is 'years away' from being competitive.  It all depends on what his definition of 'years' is.

So what are the chances the Colts go 0-16, draft Andrew Luck, and then trade Peyton Manning to the Vikings?  Don't tell me, after all the scrap heap quarterbacks we've been forced to cheer for, it hasn't crossed your mind?  Discuss.

Benny, Benny, Benny, Benny and the Vikessssssssssssssssssssssssssss.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, our defensive woes have ended, now that Benny Sapp is back in town.  WOO!  So is it me, or is it the fact that Benny Sapp will get a lot of playing time against the Raiders fill you with an "Oh my God an asteroid is going to collide with the earth and wipeout mankind' kind of dread?  No, I'm not the only one?  Good.  Discuss.

We'll be back with more later, but for now, consider this an open thread.  Any topic goes, just no politics, no religion, no personal insults.  Have at it.