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The Vikings Power Play Of The Week And A Glimpse Into The Future

This week's Vikings' Power Play of the Week highlight gives us a combination of two pretty rare things in this 2011 Minnesota Vikings' season.

The first one is an acknowledgement from a certain television network that the Minnesota Vikings do, in fact, exist. That alone would be rare enough. But the other thing that this particular highlight provides is a glimpse of hope for the future, and a pass-catch combination that could develop into one of the league's best, given the time and the reps.

Since I can't find it on YouTube anywhere to embed it, you'll just have to settle for this link to the play from the Vikings' official website.

That's an outstanding catch by Kyle Rudolph on a pass that was a little too high from Christian Ponder. Three defenders around him, and Rudolph stretches that 6'6", 265-pound frame out and brings it in anyway.

Yeah, it didn't lead to a score or anything like that, but it was one of the very, very few positives that came out of Monday night, and that's good enough for it to be named this week's Vikings Power Play of the Week.