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Minnesota Vikings Will Make Decision On Chris Cook On Monday

That's according to the folks from KFAN-FM 100.3, brought to you by the Twitter.

Frazier on Chris Cook: "On Monday, we're going to have a resolution and we'll talk about it then." #Vikings
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So, now we have to wait to see what happens. I wish that our team and our coaches could spend the bye week doing something more constructive than trying to figure out whether or not they're going to cut one of their more promising young players.

I'm not sure what, exactly, the Vikings are going to do with this whole thing. Personally, I think the details that have come out about this situation merit him being cut immediately. . .but on the other hand, he hasn't been convicted of anything in a court of law or anything like that.

What do you think will happen to Chris Cook when the Vikings come to a "resolution" on Monday?