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Your Vikings Power Play Of The Week For Week 11

With the holiday and such, I have a bit of catching up to do when it comes to our sponsored posts and what not, so let me get one out of the way now and get one knocked out later on.

The Vikings' Power Play from their 27-21 loss to the Oakland Raiders is the play that got them a little bit of momentum after getting down big early, that being the 26-yard touchdown connection between Christian Ponder and Percy Harvin.

Pretty nicely designed play by Bill Musgrave here, if I might say so. Harvin starts out behind Ponder in the backfield, and then leaks out to the left side after the snap. Look at the convoy that Harvin has in front of him after he catches the ball. He's got four large men in purple jerseys in front of him after he gets his hands on the ball, and only one gentleman in silver and black. Those are generally pretty good odds.

As the play develops, Harvin gets both Steve Hutchinson and Joe Berger to take care of Lito (WHOA WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!) Sheppard, and even gets a little bit of a chip block at the end from Devin Aromashodu on Aaron Curry to get him into the end zone untouched.

It's plays like this that make me think that the design of Bill Musgrave's offense isn't so bad. The Vikings are just too short on the talent side right now to do a lot of what he wants. An off-season with a couple of new additions and a full complement of mini-camps and training camp will, hopefully, change that.

But that's the Vikings' Power Play of the Week from their last game, ladies and gentlemen.