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Who "Manned Up" For the Vikings Against The Raiders?

It's Saturday, and it's been a bit of a weird week, but yours truly needs to take this one last opportunity to talk about last week's game against the Oakland Raiders by attempting to determine who "manned up" for Minnesota.

We do have a couple of candidates for this one.

LB Chad Greenway - The artist formerly known as the invisible man played a hell of a game against Oakland, getting in on 15 combined tackles (7 solo with 8 assists), getting his first sack of the season, and helping to cause the Michael Bush fumble that the Vikings recovered to get back in the ball game.

WR/RB/KR/Swiss Army Knife Percy Harvin - Harvin continues to do everything for the Vikings, leading the team in receiving yards with 73, including a 26-yard touchdown, and carrying the ball five times for 21 yards.

QB Christian Ponder - Yeah, he threw three awful interceptions. We know that. He also showed that he has a short memory for those sorts of things by leading the Vikings on a comeback and giving them an opportunity to win at the end, and with this team, that's just about all we can ask. Oh, and he led the Vikings in rushing with 71 yards, largely because he was trying to not get himself killed.

DT Kevin Williams - On a day when Jared Allen was kept quiet by the Raiders' offensive line, the old warhorse played what was definitely his best ball game of the season, notching a sack and throwing in three tackles for loss on top of it.

So, there you have it, folks. . .who "manned up" the most against Oakland?