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Adrian Peterson Downgraded To "Out" For Falcons Game

And this, apparently, isn't "out" like "Brett Favre against Chicago at home last year" out. This is "out" like "he really, truly, honestly isn't going to play and might not even make the trip" out.

#Vikings have downgraded Adrian Peterson to OUT for Sunday.
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So, there you have it. Adjust your fantasy lineup. . .and your Vikings' expectations. . .accordingly.

Toby Gerhart will be the main back for the Vikings tomorrow against a Falcons' rush defense that is second in the NFL in yards/game allowed with 85.4. Percy Harvin will also likely see plenty of time in the backfield, as will Lorenzo Booker and Rick Fenney.

I might have made that last one up. At this point, it wouldn't come as a shock.