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Cullen Loeffler Out For Season; Douchepickling Suspected

That's a video of the hit that has, apparently, put Vikings' long snapper Cullen Loeffler out for the remainder of the 2011 season. As you can imagine, one of Loeffler's closer friends on the Minnesota Vikings' roster has taken exception to what happened.

Just watched the film and Cullen was ten yards behind the play; there was no call to do something like that. F***ing douchepickle.
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(Kluwe didn't use the little * things in his tweet, if you're scoring at home.)

It's a bit of a tenuous situation, certainly. By the letter of the law, Kerry Meier (the Falcons' player that blew up Loeffler) didn't do anything wrong. Then again, by the letter of the law Warren Sapp didn't do anything wrong when he cleaned Chad Clifton's clock in a similar manner a few years ago, either, but after it happened there were plenty of people that wanted Sapp run out of the league.

Yes, I get that this isn't figure skating and all that other jazz, but much like we saw with the Sapp/Clifton situation, a hit can be both legal and cheap.

The Vikings are going to be in the market for a new long snapper, from the sounds of it. . .doesn't sound as though the team has any interest in having Jared Allen doing the job for the long term. In light of what happened to Cullen Loeffler, that might be a pretty wise decision.