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Your Minnesota Vikings Power Play Of The Week For Week 12

We could go over Percy Harvin's amazing kickoff return again, but we've already gone over it quite a bit. For this week's Power Play of the Week, let's go with a play that got the desired result, shall we?

This play came at a point where it looked like the Vikings were going to be unable to capitalize on a huge break. On the previous drive, the Vikings appeared to have gone three-and-out, but Ryan D'Imperio's heads-up play to push a Falcons' player into a bouncing punt on fourth down gave Minnesota a fresh set of downs. . .42 yards down the field.

However, the Vikings followed that up with an incomplete pass to Michael Jenkins, a false start by Jim Kleinsasser, a short carry by Harvin, and a screen pass to Toby Gerhart that was ruled incomplete after a review by Falcons' coach Mike Smith, leaving them with 4th-and-13 on the Atlanta 39-yard line. We at the Daily Norseman had a secret microphone in the Vikings' huddle when this play was called, and caught the following exchange between Harvin and quarterback Christian Ponder:

Ponder_smirk_medium Okay, Percy, you line up in the right slot. After we snap the ball, I want you to run really fast in a straight line all the way to the end zone.

Smiling_percy_medium No problem, man. I can do that.

Ponder_smirk_medium Okay, ball's coming your way.

Smiling_percy_medium Well, what if I'm covered?

Ponder_smirk_medium Ball's coming your way.

Smiling_percy_medium You don't want to look for anyone else?

Ponder_smirk_medium . . .

Smiling_percy_medium . . .

Ponder_smirk_medium. . .

Smiling_percy_medium So. . .ball's coming my way?

Ponder_smirk_medium Yep, it sure is.

Smiling_percy_medium I'll be ready!

Honestly, as much as I'd love to give you a big, sweeping breakdown of this play, that's really what we're looking at here. Just a playmaker making a play when his team needs him to make a play. But it was the best play of the week for your Minnesota Vikings, and that's why it's featured here.