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Vikings "Reluctantly" Agree To Meet With Minneapolis About Stadium

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here we go.

During yesterday's hearings on the proposed Vikings' stadium, Senator Julianne Ortman told Lester Bagley that it was "in the team's best interest" to meet with Minneapolis, despite the fact that Minneapolis hasn't presented one single coherent proposal in the past decade and the Vikings have already found a local partner that is willing to work with them in the stadium process.

So, it makes perfect sense that, on Tuesday, the Vikings announced that they would, indeed, have a meeting with Minneapolis. Except that it doesn't.

The city of Minneapolis still has absolutely, positively no idea what in the blue hell they're doing as far as a potential Vikings' stadium is concerned. They're still looking at three different sites. . .the current Metrodome site (which would cause the Vikings to move into TCF Bank Stadium and lose money, which nobody cares about because the Vikings are an evil corporate entity and such), the Farmer's Market site (which would require a lot of business owners to be bought out in a process that probably wouldn't be incredibly cheap), and a site on Linden Avenue near the Basillica of St. Mary.

Frankly, I'm of the mindset that Senator Geoff Michel expressed yesterday when he told Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, "If you have three proposals, you've really got none."

So, we're now two months away from the Vikings becoming free agents. During the last month, exactly zero progress has been made on that front. This is not comforting. This is not encouraging. This is not good. Something needs to happen, and soon.