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How About An Open Thread For A Friday?

I was going to try to make this a weekly thing, or even a daily one, but the Stadiapocalypse has taken a lot of that idea and stomped all over it. So, to sort of take a break from that, let's just open things up for everyone to talk about whatever. Like last time, I'll start with a topic, but the conversation by no means has to stay there.

I went with something about games last time, so let's head into the movie realm instead.

For a movie that came out seventeen years ago. . .and if that doesn't make you feel old, it ought to. . .whenever I see Dumb and Dumber on the DirecTV guide while I'm channel surfing, I will turn to it and watch the rest of the movie, regardless of what point in the movie it's at. Now, they did a "prequel" to the movie a few years ago, a film that quickly placed itself in the Godfather III/Rocky V/Caddyshack 2 realm of "films that really did happen but we do our best to simply ignore them."

Well, good news, folks. . .it has officially been announced that we are going to get an honest-to-goodness sequel to Dumb and Dumber in the near future. According to an announcement made a few days back, the Farrelly brothers and Jim Carrey will be involved, and it's thought that Jeff Daniels will join in as well.

That's not the only movie that makes me stop and flip over to it whenever I see it, by any stretch. Which movies make that list for you folks?

Have at it, folks! The open thread is. . .er, open!