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Minnesota Representative Proposes Stadium In Exchange For Community Ownership

There's absolutely, positively no way in a million years that this idea would ever fly, but hey. . .it's something different, I guess.

State Representative Phyllis Kahn (DFL – Minneapolis) will introduce legislation that would require the governor and Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission (MSFC) to work with the NFL and move the Minnesota Vikings to a community ownership model, allowing the sale of stock in the team.

NFL ownership rules prohibit any team other than the Green Bay Packers from being owned by more than 30 owners. This legislation would require the governor and MSFC to work with the NFL to work within or potentially change current rules. The funds from the selling of stock in the community ownership could go toward a new stadium.

Yeah. . .there's no way in hell the National Football League would grant the same stupid, ridiculous exception to the community ownership rules that one particular franchise gets to enjoy to a team like the Vikings. Our team pretty much has to fend for itself.

It's a nice idea and everything, and I'm sure that plenty of folks would be interested in it if it were to happen. . .but, yeah, it's not happening.

Just to toss the question out there, though. . .