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I Guess Twitter Has Trolls, Too

I know that many of us here- contributors, readers, etc. alike- have accounts on the Twitter. And if you're like me, you may have received an odd follow the other day- from one VikingsOUTofMN.

If you can't tell by the name, the account was created for the sole purpose of leading an anti-Vikings-in-Minnesota drive. I can't recall exactly but the profile said something along the lines of the Vikings "bullying the state", or something of that nature.

As a quick community service announcement- said account has as of today been suspended. Shocking, I know. But I wanted to do a quick blurb on it because yours truly went ahead and tweeted them to unfollow me, then shortly learned that they essentially no longer exist. Making me, of course, look like a bit of a boob.

So if you have a Twitter account and were as surprised as I was to find such morons following you (as it appeared they followed many a Viking fan), just be aware that Twitter has already used whatever form of a 'ban hammer' it may possess and has taken care of the situation.

That is all, good day, and Skol Vikings and Skol Minnesota Vikings!