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Vikings Sign Reggie Jones To Practice Squad

Are you guys ready for some largely inconsequential Vikings roster move news? Because here comes some largely inconsequential Vikings roster move news.

Yesterday, the Washington Redskins signed Vikings practice squad defensive back Domonique Johnson to their 53-man roster, meaning the Vikes had room to add someone new to their practice squad. They did so today by adding another defensive back, Reggie Jones. Jones is in his second year out of Portland State and has yet to take the field in an NFL game in his career.

See, I told you the news was largely inconsequential! The fact that Jones hasn't played in an NFL game probably won't change in 2011 with the Vikings, but he has an interesting back story of overcoming an awful event from his childhood to make it to the NFL. Read the Washington Post story from August about Jones here.

Well, now you know. Resume your Wednesdays accordingly, and stay tuned for more about the upcoming Monday Night Football showdown with that team from the East.

(Thanks to Mike Wobschall of the Vikings Blog for breaking the news. Follow him on Twitter here.)