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The Greatest Rivalry In College Football Happens Today; Discuss It Here



Date: 10 December 2011 Location: Landover, MD
Time: 1:30 PM Central Stadium: FedEx Field
TV: CBS Know Thy Enemy: Nope, no enemies here
Chris' Prediction: Navy 27, Army 23
Final Score: Navy 27, Army 21

Nope, I'm not talking Texas/Oklahoma or Michigan/Ohio State or Alabama/Auburn. This is, by far, the best rivalry in college football because it extends so far beyond what happens on the football field. The seniors playing in this one will soon find themselves defending our rights and freedoms because they answered a calling higher than their own, and those that don't graduate today have the same thing to look forward to down the track.

As far as the actual football is concerned, if you like running the football, this is the game for you, as these are two of the top four teams in college football when it comes to the running game. Army is the nation's leading rushing team, averaging a ridiculous 350.9. . .yes, that's three hundred and fifty. . .yards per game. Navy is 4th in the nation in that category, averaging a slightly less ridiculous (but still ridiculous) 313.7 yards/game.

They're not playing this one for the Commander-in-Chief trophy. . .that already belongs to Air Force (awesome) for having beaten both of these teams during the season. This one is all about pride, and it's still awesome.

Feel free to use this as an open thread as well.