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Minnesota Vikings At Detroit Lions - Third Quarter Open Thread

The Minnesota Vikings turned the ball over four times in the first half, and the direct result of those four turnovers was 24 Detroit Lions points. As a result, we stand at halftime with the Minnesota Vikings trailing by a score of 31-14. to their credit, while it would have been really easy for the Vikings to just roll over in this one, they apparently have no intention of doing so.

Cedric Griffin still hasn't seen the field since the second defensive series of the game, and is apparently pretty angry over on the bench. Take that for what you will.

On a positive note, the Vikings have gotten to Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford four times already, with three of those sacks going to Jared Allen. Those three sacks give Allen 100.5 for his career, and 17.5 for the season, which is a career high. That means he's also 5 sacks away from tying Michael Strahan's single-season record of 22.5 sacks with 3.5 games left to go. (Kevin Williams got the other Minnesota sack.)

Those numbers are subject to change, of course. . .the radio guys seem to think that those sacks could get credited to somebody else.

But that's where we sit after two quarters of play, folks. . .can't get much worse than what we saw in the first half, so let's see if things get better in the second.