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A Caption Contest Winner and A Track 4 Challenge

<strong>And the winning caption is...</strong>
And the winning caption is...

I don't know if people were just so inspired by the picture of Joe Webb that they had to flex their skills and create clever captions, or you were just really bored at work, but we got a lot of fun captions for our latest captions contest. One might call it a plethora, one might also call it a crap-load.

Fortunately, the rest of the writing staff here at DN is helpful because it's a challenge to choose a winner from such a big batch of submissions. A lot of time and consideration is involved, a lot of throwing darts, a lot of eenie-meenie-minie-mo, but we think we've arrived at a winner. Now all that remains is to drag out revealing the winner until after the jump, and to have Grime and abba7 grouse about how the contest is rigged.

Ah, tis the season for tradition...

Here's a little mood music inspired by the discussion DN readers shared about Joe Webb, Christian Ponder, and how the Vikings should use them both.

Join me after the jump. We'll crown the caption winner with our slightly tattered Burger King crown, and lay down the challenge topic for the Ultimate Misery Mix 2011's Track 4.

Unlike other contests we've had recently, there was almost no universal consensus this time around. All of us seemed to have a different favorite. That keeps things interesting, but it doesn't make choosing a clear winner easier. Here, in no particular order, are a some of our favorite submissions.

  • Adam Sorum "Joe Webb does not run, instead he simply slows the earth's rotation as he walks..."
  • Grime "Sweet another off season with a QB Controversy at DN!"
  • abba7 "All I want for Christmas is the G.I. Joe Webb with the Kung Fu grip®."
  • DM_Purp "I'm so awesome I get my foot-longs for $4."
  • Jshore "Tebow this."
  • Landonio "Chuck Norris sleeps in Joe Webb pajamas."
  • Alittlemore_cowbell "Alright, I’m about to show my fans that I can throw touchdown passes too. GREEN 91!! GREEN 91-SET!!. Damnit, there’s 19 free rushers coming at me. Guess I’ll run this one in."
  • CCNorseman ""With great power, comes great responsibility. This is my gift, this is my curse. I am spiderman. Just try to catch me."

Author of the winning submission and latest recipient of our Burger King crown is Purpledork with this gem:

"Pictured: Joe Webb. Well… we think it’s Joe Webb. We’re not sure. All our other pictures of him are just a purple and white blur."

Congratulations to Purpledork and my thanks to everyone who participated in our latest caption contest--you keep amazing me with your collective ability to bring the funny even during a season that excels at depressing us.

But before we wrap this up we have an Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 Track 4 challenge to issue. You might have read that the NFL owners voted to increase subsidies to aid teams working on stadium projects. The reason we care about that vote here on DN is because it could mean that as much as $200 million in loans from the NFL might be coming the Vikings way for a new stadium.

Therefore, my dear DN mix masters, your challenge topic for Track 4 of our Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 is to choose a song reflecting the Vikings' potential good fortune at possibly getting a $200 million loan from the NFL.

If you want to submit a song for our Track 4 challenge, just list the name of the song, the artist, a link to the song (makes my life easier), and why you think your song is an ideal choice. The winning song will be revealed early next week.