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Minnesota Vikings Add To Collection Of Apologies From League Office

From the league that brought you such classics as "that touchdown catch by Visanthe Shiancoe never should have been overturned" and "oh, yeah, your quarterback did take a lot of cheap hits in that NFC Championship Game that were never called" comes their latest blockbuster, "Hey, guess what? We f***ed up again!"

Believe me, I'm as shocked as you are.

Frazier said #Vikings did turn in non-call of facemask on Joe Webb to the NFL. Result? "They sent us a reply, and it was a facemask. "
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Awesome. Hopefully the league will let us know when the Vikings get to road trip back to Ford Field for that one untimed down from deep in Lions' territory.

In a way, it's nice of the league to actually have some sort of accountability when it comes to these sorts of things. On the other hand, the officials that screwed up the call won't face any sort of meaningful punishment, and it still goes down in the loss column for the Vikings.

Is there any team in the NFL that receives as many apologies from the league office for the incompetence of the officials as the Minnesota Vikings do? I'm really not sure that there is.