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Your Fantasy Football Sleeper For Week 15

Yes, it's fantasy football playoff time, ladies and gentlemen, and if you need some help for your team this week, I'm going to give you someone that can help you at what I feel is the most overlooked position for fantasy football, that being the tight end spot.

I know that not all leagues require players to start a tight end, and unless you get one of the truly elite ones, a lot of the time they're interchangeable based on match-ups. With this being playoff time, you need all the advantages you can get, and you can get one this week by grabbing Jake Ballard of the New York Giants.

According to the good folks at Yahoo! Fantasy Sports, Ballard is owned in half of all of their leagues, which means there's a decent chance that he's available in yours. This week, the Giants play the Washington Redskins, who have had their share of difficulties against good tight ends. . .see what Rob Gronkowski did to them last week. I know Ballard is no Gronkowski, because nobody is, but with LaRon Landry likely still being out for the Redskins, it's going to hamper their ability to keep the tight end contained, and for a guy like Ballard that's averaging about 16 yards a catch, that's pretty good news.

If you have a potentially close match-up in your fantasy playoffs and you don't have an A+ guy at tight end already, do yourself a favor and go grab Jake Ballard off of the waiver wire.