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New Orleans Saints At Minnesota Vikings - Third Quarter Open Thread

It's still fairly close, ladies and gentlemen, and that's really all we can hope for thus far.

The Vikings are +2 in the turnover ratio thus far, but unfortunately the Vikings could only turn those two Saints turnovers into two Ryan Longwell field goals. Minnesota has allowed three touchdown passes to Drew Brees, one to Lance Moore one to Jimmy Graham, and a third to Darren Sproles late in the first half. The Vikings got a touchdown thanks to a 10-yard shovel pass from Christian Ponder to Toby Gerhart.

Brees has also completed 20-of-24 attempts on the afternoon for 247 yards, which means that the Vikings have now faced 253 pass attempts since their last interception, and are one half of football away from setting a post-merger record for the longest stretch of games without an interception.

Everson Griffen has been everywhere today for the Vikings as well, as he's been seen in coverage, on defense, and even on special teams recovering failed onside kick attempts by the Saints. Griffen is a guy that needs a bigger role in this defense going forward.

We're ready for the second half of play at the Metrodome, folks.