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A Picture That You Need To See To Believe

This picture from Sunday's game was posted in the comments of Ted's Stock Market Report, but I needed to put it up here in case some folks hadn't read the comments for that particular piece.

Do you see that picture? It's not a Photoshop, it's not some Criss Angel optical illusion or anything like that. That is Joe Webb faking a handoff to Christian Ponder.

What. . .in the sweet blue hell. . .is the purpose of this insanity?

Does anybody in America think that Christian Ponder is actually going to take a handoff and attempt a power running play up the middle? For crying out loud, the guy gets hit frequently enough.

After this fake handoff, is Ponder supposed to go out and throw a lead block? Pick up any potential blitzers that might be coming untouched? Run a route out into the flat?

What is the damn point?

This occurred on a play that took place in New Orleans' red zone. . .the 13-yard line, to be exact. Yes, on the opposing team's doorstep with a team that has Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, Visanthe Shiancoe, Kyle Rudolph, and even Toby Gerhart. . .we're lining our freaking starting quarterback up in the backfield and faking handoffs to him on a play-action that we, apparently, expect opposing defenders to buy into.

And we ran this garbage twice! IN A ROW!

As the kids today might say. . .the stupid, it burns.

Look, I want to like Bill Musgrave's offense. Really, I do. I want to see what it's capable of after Ponder gets a little more seasoning and we attempt to build an offensive line that can actually block opposing defenses for more than half a second. But this team needs to spend more time learning to execute plays that actually make sense and actually work rather than screwing around with junk like this.