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Saints Play The Vikings Dirty? Nah.

I mean, come on, it's not like they've ever done that before. But then again, who am I to deny Adrian Peterson? According to the superstar RB, he entered the game fully expecting Saints defenders to target his sore ankle some, but apparently one took it a little too far for his tastes. AP claims that CB Jabari Greer actually was twisting at it in a pileup, and that AP confronted him about it after.

While no quote exists, I imagine AP said something along the lines of "do it again you little female dog*, and I'll posterize your rear end** so badly you'll be forever remembered as ‘the greatest running back in all time's doormat'.".

If this is true- and seeing as how AP's not exactly known as a whiner or exaggerator, I imagine it is- that's some seriously cheap stuff right there. I don't imagine that the NFL will look into it or anything- it's not like the league has the time or manpower to investigate every dirty thing that happens in pileups- but all the same I hope AP remembers this the next time we play the Saints, and runs this dude straight over so badly that even ESPN can't ignore it.

That kind of action might also explain AP's reduced workload in the game. If the coaches caught wind of stunts like that going on, I don't blame them one iota for essentially pulling the dude.

(*I don't imagine AP used the words "female dog", but this is front page material.)
(**See above.)