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Washington Redskins At Minnesota Vikings - Fourth Quarter Open Thread

There is just too damn much action going on at FedEx Field right now, and we're doing everything we can to keep up with it.

We've got two touchdowns from Joe Webb (one rushing, one passing), a touchdown catch for Kyle Rudolph, Adrian Peterson and Christian Ponder both leaving the game with injuries. . .and, in Peterson's case, likely leaving for a much, much longer time period. . .Jabar Gaffney making one-handed touchdown catches, Rex Grossman ripping up our secondary, and the Vikings holding a 23-20 lead with 15 minutes of football remaining.

Not necessarily in that order, except for that "15 minutes remaining" thing, because that's where we are right now.

I'm exhausted just watching all of this, so here's your fourth quarter thread, ladies and gentlemen. Once we have more word on all the injuries and all that other good stuff, we'll bring it to you post-haste. Thanks for hanging out with us this afternoon, folks!