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A Public Service Announcement About The Vikings' Quarterback Situation

Yes, the game recap is still coming, but this needs to get out there first.

For the first time that I can remember, we've had to shut down comments in a Game Thread after a game because a few people have decided that they need to take the quarterback debate in a direction that it has no business going in.

We might have a bit of a quarterback controversy on our hands in Minnesota now, yes. We've seen two different quarterbacks in Minnesota this season, second-year man Joe Webb and rookie Christian Ponder, and there is certainly a lot to talk about with each of them. (See, we don't need no stinking Andrew Luck to have a good ol' fashioned quarterback controversy here in Minnesota. . .we do just fine on our own, thanks.)

But the debate of the quarterback situation will be based on the merits of both of these players and their play and abilities on the field.

It will not. . .will not. . .WILL NOT. . .turn into a race debate, because that doesn't have one damn bit to do with anything. If you can't make your argument for or against one quarterback or the other without playing the race card, then you need to think twice before hitting the little button that posts your comments to the site. I will not put up with that crap, and Ted and Eric will not put up with that crap, either.

You'll notice that the comments on this post are closed, too. That's because this is not something that's up for questioning or debate.

We're going to have plenty of time to discuss Joe Webb vs. Christian Ponder over the course of the next week. . .and, in all likelihood, far, far beyond. We have no time for the interjection of race in the discussion. It shouldn't make one damn bit of difference if the Minnesota Vikings' quarterback is black or white or orange with pink stripes. Debate their merits on the field, or don't debate the topic at all.

And that's the end of that chapter.