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Joe Webb Nominated For NFL's Hardest Working Man Of Week 16

Getty Images has a feature every week for the "Hardest Working Man" of the week gone by, and this week one of the nominees is Minnesota Vikings' quarterback Joe Webb.

Here is the blurb they put out there concerning Webb's performance on Saturday against the Washington Redskins.

With both the starting quarterback (Christian Ponder) and running back (Adrian Peterson) out of the game, the Vikings called on backups Joe Webb and Toby Gerhart to help them try to avoid the worst season in franchise history (the team is currently 3-12, and a win next week would put them ahead of the 1984 Minnesota team that went 3-13). Webb, who entered the game early in the second half, was an inspiring presence for the Vikings, running for a touchdown and then passing for two more as the Vikings overcame the Redskins, 33-26. It was the first multi-TD game of Webb's short career.

Well, if they want to talk strictly about multiple passing touchdowns, then they're right. However, he did have two touchdowns in the Vikings' "we got screwed" loss to the Detroit Lions a couple of weeks ago, one through the air and one on the ground.

In any case, you can cast your vote for Webb as the NFL's Hardest Working Man of Week 16 by going right here. The other nominees for this week are San Francisco 49ers kicker David Akers, Buffalo Bills safety Jarius Byrd, New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz, and Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson.

But Webb should win because. . .well, just because.