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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Minnesota GOP Elects Dave Senjem Majority Leader

A couple of weeks ago, Amy Koch (who I believed to be fairly anti-stadium) resigned her post as Minnesota's Senate Majority Leader after it was discovered that she was having an inappropriate relationship. This evening, the Minnesota Republican Party chose a Senate Majority Leader, and the result appears to be a decidedly positive one for the Vikings' stadium effort.

The Minnesota GOP selected Rochester's Dave Senjem to be their new majority leader. According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

In Senjem, GOP senators chose a likable leader who has chaired the Capital Investment Committee and is a supporter of gambling expansion, which could become crucial in negotiations for a new Minnesota Vikings stadium and in repaying public schools more than $2 billion the state borrowed to balance the budget.

Sounds pretty good to me.

I got confirmation that the selection of Senjem was a positive from Representative John Kriesel, via the Twitter.

DailyNorsemanThe Daily Norseman
in reply to @DailyNorseman

If he gets the thumbs-up from Rep. Kriesel, then darn it, that's good enough for me.

Time is of the essence here. . .here's hoping that Mr. Senjem realizes this.